5 Tips for Better Communication With Web Design Clients

The industry’s most successful designers are those who can not only make great-looking web pages but also communicate with clients effectively. However, it can be difficult to determine where and how to make such improvements. Solo designers and firms can use the following tips to strengthen communications with clients.

Get on Their Level

Some clients express dissatisfaction with web designers because they simply can’t understand what they’re being told. Many times, designers lose themselves in technical jargon, and some use it to seem more skillful than they truly are. When designers communicate with clients, they should use easily-understood terms and keep the jargon to a minimum.

Agree on Goals

No client who initiates a redesign project truly wants a new site; they just want the results that come with it. For instance, an e-commerce site owner’s goal may be to increase sales. A non-profit leader may want to increase donations and community engagement. Designers should remember that every client’s and project’s goals are unique and that it’s their job to find ways to meet such goals.

Get it in Writing

While it’s good to have agreed-upon goals, it’s important to put them in writing. With written goals, everyone on the team gets an opportunity to review the project’s focus. Furthermore, a written plan gives latecomers a chance to get up to speed.

Furnish Regular Updates

During some web design projects, there may not be anything tangible to show. While a team is on the job and making progress, there may not be a way to quantify that information. Out of sight is out of mind, and web designers should strive to remain in clients’ minds during a project. To do this, be sure to regularly touch base with clients if only to tell them that things are going as planned.

Build a Solid Relationship

The best way for web designers to get business is from current clients, and the best way to encourage clients to leave a good recommendation is to build a good relationship. It goes beyond doing a great job; it involves being polite, personable, and professional. To get more tips for web designers and firms, follow Joe on Facebook.

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