The Approach or Excelsior Internet Marketing

The favored cookie-cutter approach of internet marketing companies is to learn a little about the business, provide content writing and management for websites and social media pages, and increase rankings quickly. Search engine optimization (SEO) services include researching keywords, identifying targeted audiences, adding backlinks to articles, and attracting more traffic to the website. Reports on success, conversion rates, and rankings are supplied periodically to keep business owners happy. At this point, ongoing content creation is essential to maintaining those rankings. The business is offered packages designed to create a dependency on services.

Some experienced companies, such as Excelsior Internet Marketing, have developed unique approaches to the industry of internet marketing. Collaborating with business owners to develop marketing strategies and providing training to owners or staff on creating their own content ensures a very high return on the investment. Content writing by a separate company is fine for businesses that lack the time or talent to devote to the task.

The point of having the owner participate fully in the process and providing training for content writing is that no one knows the business as well as those who operate it. Each business has unique needs and challenges, different products or services to offer, and specific ways of doing and seeing things. Who better to represent the business and present those aspects than staff and owners? Their interests, philosophy, culture, and enthusiasm for the business cannot be matched by outsiders.

Content creation in-house is also more cost-effective. The business can spend money on consulting a company to devise strategies and marketing designs but save money on the actual content. It is a smart way to allocate available funds. The company can be hired to do the keyword research, integrate the website with social media sites, and determine the best type of content suited to meet desired outcomes. A balance in the mix of articles, videos, posts, and graphics can make the difference between increasing traffic and revenues while also struggling to increase the current conversion rate.

Once the tools and techniques are learned, business owners or assigned staff can alter content based on customer behavior. If a YouTube video resulted in a spike of website traffic, it makes sense to create more videos. The flexibility to adjust a marketing plan can help the business succeed and compete well into the future.

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